Charter (English)

The Zannekinbond was founded with the goal to offer a platform for a new political (-economic) vision based on the following benchmarks: Flemish independence in a socialist, sovereign European continent, solidarity with national liberation movements and a peace policy which translates in a geopolitical resistance against Western imperialism. Above all, however, a we wish to offer a contribution to the resistance against the domination of nations by the international banking and monetary system. We aim to do this from a varied socialist perspective, stripped of all dogmatic views, including ideas which have been rendered obsolete by history. The Zannekinbond opposes both the pseudo-nationalist, racist and / or neoliberal ideologies of the far-right and the liberalism which has infiltrated political parties and movements that were once considered as socialist, through the ideology of identity politics, among other things. We believe that at the beginning of the 21st century, the class struggle is in a renewed phase, that also coincides with the will to preserve traditions and collective identity(ies) in the face of liberal cosmopolitanism.

Contrary to the petty-bourgeois nationalism and the “open borders” cosmopolitanism, we recognize that since the end of the Soviet Union and the global deregulation of the (financial) economy, class struggle has become a national matter among all peoples and nations, against the omnipotence of the banking world and the global dominance of the financial capital with its local political servants. In addition to the wage slavery of workers we now also have debt slavery, the surrender of national sovereignty to a forced “sovereign debt”, through the institutions of the international financial capital: the Federal Reserve, the ECB, the IMF and the World Bank, the WTO, the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, and so on. This is legitimized by politicians and the media in an almost zealous defence of continued economic growth and stability on the vaguely defined “financial markets”. We therefore support the formation of a new economic system, in which politics have a regulatory function and the government is allowed to spend its own interest-free money.

The Zannekinbond concludes that we live in an era characterized by a total and global takeover by the financial capital, in which this international money capitalism has developed a parasitic relation with industrial capitalism. This ultimately wrecks national economies (as the Greek nation has already come to experience), encourages social demolition policies and the integration of all resistance based on ecological motives in the capitalist market and profit logic. True international democracy means repelling the threats and indirect dictates of the financial markets. This cannot be done without the realisation of some form of socialist policies at the national level. True national democracy relies first and foremost on the participation of and co-management by the people in the economy, wherever it is possible. There can be no room for divisive racism and liberal identity politics.

In opposition to imperialism and Western warmongering, which Belgium actively supports through its NATO membership and military neo-colonialism in Africa, the Zannekinbond is of the opinion that the Flemish idea of peace and our peace movement must be taken out of its lethargic state. The NATO alliance as well as the Belgian defence should be dismantled or denied any further Flemish cooperation. In view of the persistent American policy of aggression towards Russia, the Middle East, and so on, we defend the immediate departure of all American soldiers and their weapon systems from our country and Europe.